Networking tools for your community

No more spreadsheets. Matcha simplifies networking in your community.

Member Intros

Whether it's 1:1 or groups, Matcha's customizable AI automates logistics of introduction campaigns while guaranteeing the most relevant pairings.

An example of Matcha's matches for the week.
Community Directory

Onboarded members automatically enroll in an intuitive, searchable member directory, a single source of truth for who's who in the community.

An example of Matcha's directory.
Robust Analytics

Detailed feedbacks about quality of intros, engagement, and community morale.

An example of Matcha's analytics and feedback view.
Community Job Board (Coming Soon)

Curate relevant job listings for your community. Get paid from companies to feature jobs or successfully refer candidates.

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Frequently asked questions

What does the setup process look like for community managers?

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.
‍1. Create a Matcha account
2. Create a Matcha space
3. Customize matching criteria (member segments, matching questions)
4. Onboard your members (Share invite link with your members, or import members CSV file)

More info can be found in the quick start guide.

What does the onboarding process look like for community members?

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.
1. Click on invite link (shared by you or sent by us after you imported member CSV file)
2. Answer matching questions
3. Add info about themselves (optional)

Members later receive personalized intros via email (or a messaging platform of your choice, such as SMS or Slack).
More info can be found in the quick start guide

How much does Matcha cost?

The first two matches are free 🍵

After that, we offer tiered pricing based on the size of your community. You get full access to all of our features.

For more information, contact us here.

How can I add enroll my members to Matcha?

You can share an invite link with your members, import your member CSV list, or just invite them via email.

I have other questions, where can I learn more?

Send us an email at or contact us here with your question. We'd be more than happy to chat!

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