Activate your Community.

Your community is more than a Slack or Discord channel. Unlock 10x engagement and retention through personalized introductions for your members.

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We keep your community close as you scale

Facilitating connections takes time and resources that you often don't have. Let Matcha scale meaningful and intimate connections in your growing community.

Professional Communities

Facilitate amazing onboarding experiences, coffee chats, mentorship programs, book clubs, and many more.

Cohort-based Courses

Effortlessly assign students into squads or accountability pairings. Let them rave about your course together.


Onboard new-hires seamlessly. Enable diverse and inclusive dialogue. Boost camaraderie and productivity.

Creators & Fans

Enable authentic connections around your brand. Convert your audience into an engaged community of devoted fans.

How it works

Connect your members

Share an invite link to your members, or import a CSV of your member list

Customize matching

Matcha matches members with similar profiles by default. You can further personalize matching via customizing member groups and questions

Set and forget

Members are automatically introduced on a periodic basis. Matcha handles all communication, scheduling, and reminders

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Watch your engagement skyrocket

Matcha offers robust insights that allows you to measure impact and get feedback on each connection made.

Pricing built for businesses of all sizes

Our pricing is based on the size of your community. We offer unlimited access to all of our product features.

100 - 250 members
/ month

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250 - 500 members
/ month

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500 - 1000 members
/ month

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What community folks say about us

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Nikolett Angyal
Community Manager at Tools for Regenerative Renaissance

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Daniel Bustamente
Community Manager at Ship 30 for 30

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Esther Howard
Senior Engineer

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